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Eco Mist Solutions Inc. provides safe and powerful bio-based cleaners developed using colloidal chemistry. All our products are made from natural ingredients such as corn, tree sap, potatoes, grass, processed coconut extract, sugarcane, soy and Non-chlorinated water.

Some bio-based cleaners claim to be non-toxic but still contain toxic ingredients, while others are safe but not very effective. Eco Mist products are not only truly "green"…they really work.

Powerful industrial-strength cleaners
— no masks or gloves required!


What Makes Us Different
Discover Eco Mist

Rogers TV takes you behind the scenes to explore our manufacturing process, the science behind Eco Mist and how we stand up to some of the toughest jobs both indoors and out. Click the link to see what makes us today's most healthy and effective cleaning solution.

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Featured Product:
Cleaner Degreaser

Exceptional grease-cutting performance on any surface from household ovens to heavy equipment.

  • Industrial-strength
  • Emulsifies oil molecules for fast and effortless cleaning
  • Safe to use – no gloves or masks required
  • Safe around food areas
  • No WHIMIS Training

Using Eco Mist Professional Cleaner Degreaser as part of a regular floor-maintenance program will reduce cleaning time and costs as it leaves no petroleum residue to clean the next time, or for dirt to adhere to. Read more

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A Truly North
American Product

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We pride ourselves on sourcing our all-natural ingredients from North American farmers.
Eco Mist products are 100% North American.