Eco Mist Solutions

Cleaning Tips

Great tips when choosing a green cleaning product

  • Ingredients should be easily found and understood
  • Choose products with the least amount or no health risks. Even a product with only one toxic chemical could seriously injure you or your family during use or over time.
  • Understand the health risks by researching the chemicals listed on the package via the internet or contacting the manufacturer.
  • Do not be fooled by words such as biodegradable or non-toxic and or statements such as 99% organic or 99% natural. Most everything on Earth biodegrades eventually. Non-toxic could mean non-toxic to the Earth but very toxic to humans and or animals. 99% is great but it’s the 1% that could kill you.
  • Pick products that are fragrance free or at least scented by essential oils. Products that contain fragrances can contain up to 15 toxins that make up that scent. Essential oils can be pure or combined with toxins. Research the facts. If a scented cleaner truly works the scent during and after usage will be extremely limited because the cleaning ingredients will quickly reduce them.
  • Many toxic products do a great job as posing as safe and natural with easily understood ingredients posted on their labels. We suggest research the brand name and product name via the internet by requesting its MSDS or material safety data sheet. An MSD sheet states the name of the product, chemicals that make up the product and all short and long term health risks associated with the product. It is required by law to be easily accessible to the public or company employees. Key in the brand name. Key in the type of product such as all purpose or Glass cleaner. Request MSDS.