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President's Letter

2009 Presidents Letter

It has been such an exciting year! We launched our retail products nationally in Home Depot Canada. Today, every location is being cleaned with Eco Mist by two leading cleaning companies; United Cleaning Services Inc. & Delta Facilities Maintenance Inc.

Recently, we partnered with a US based company, Dew It Green LLC. Dew It Green will be managing and developing our sales for the US market. They have already shipped to new US customers.

I am proud to announce the hiring of Gus Kokkoros B.Sc as our Director of Operations. He has an extensive background in both science and operational management. His wisdom and leadership skills will be an asset in directing day-to-day operations here at Eco Mist.

On November 3rd, I will be interviewed on The Balancing Act, a TV show on the Women’s Network, and asked to speak to Americans about Eco Mist products and what makes them so unique. The show will be aired three times during the first quarter of next year. The opportunity to speak on a reputable national television network is very exciting. We are working diligently behind the scenes to make sure our US partners will be able to provide easy access to our products for people wanting to purchase them following the show.

As far as media coverage, Eco Mist has been on both national and local radio, magazines, newspapers, and TV stations. We are now working closely with Dentsu Canada, a leading marketing firm whose successes include Lexus, Toyota, Vespa & Molson Canadian, to help expand our public awareness.

Following November 25th 2009, we will begin our 5th year in business. Our focus will continue to be providing the best environmental products the world has ever seen.

Ted Fagan
Eco Mist Solutions Inc.

2008 Presidents Letter

It was on November 25th 2005 that Eco Mist was first incorporated. At that time, the word “green” meant expensive and ineffective. During the years that followed, we tirelessly presented our products to retailers that spoke of “green” but weren’t truly committed to what it actually meant. Our work had been cut out for us. But Eco Mist’s position had always been to stay true to itself, whether it meant refusing to add toxins or water down our products just to meet a price point.

In October of 2007, we seized an opportunity to present Eco Mist to Home Depot Canada, a company that understands the colour green and all its countless shades. After months of product testing and challenges from competitors with pockets much deeper than ours, Eco Mist launched 18 products in Home Depot stores across Canada in late 2008…one of Home Depot’s largest product launches to date. Since that day we’ve responded to thousands of people who have purchased Eco Mist at Home Depot stores, thanking us for creating cleaning products that work without harm.

I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting the President of Home Depot Canada and her corporate team. It was incredible to chat with the heads of a company that have not only spoken of environmental change but have been dedicated to it from the start. To have Eco Mist as one of Home Depot’s environmental partners is an honor we are proud of.

Eco Mist has recently celebrated its third year since incorporation. I’d like to personally thank all the people who have worked so hard to help bring Eco Mist to the point we are at today.

Thank you:
Mimi Fagan (patient wife)
Marissa Kokkoros
United Sales & Marketing
McInnis Graphics & Design
National Therapy Products Inc.
Multi-Mold Plastics
Perflex Label Inc.
Gerrity Corrugated Paper Products Ltd.
Dep Media Inc. (web design)
Home Depot Canada

Ted Fagan
Eco Mist Solutions Inc.